not another new year's in brooklyn

Here's the deal... The past two years - against my will and at the very last moment - I have ended up in Brooklyn for New Year's Eve. I never planned on this, in fact if you asked me even 2 days before New Year's if  there was a possibility of me being in Brooklyn at midnight, I would've looked at you like you were wearing a belt as a decorative ankle bracelet. Here's what I know about New Year's in Brooklyn...

1) You'll either end up at an intimate family dinner - even though it was advertised by your sister as a party - after a 1-hour train ride on the "R" to the middle of nowhere (read: New Year's 2011). When we got off that lonely train, I had really expected us to end up somewhere that looked like The Cosby Show neighborhood. To my surprise, it was instead cold, the buildings were very low and there were no colorful printed sweaters or delicious Jell-O pudding snacks in sight.

2) The other option is a hipster-heavy party (a.k.a. New Year's 2012) where smudged orange-red lipstick, loose-limbed dancing and unwashed hair is very popular, and you fear for your own hygiene (a few limp strands of one such hairdo kept coming dangerously close to my glass of Brooklyn's finest tap water).

It's not that Brooklyn is bad (I mean, well, there are a lot of bangs and beards overall, more than what seems necessary, reasonable or healthy). And part of it is that New Year's in general seems to always be a bust - there's just too much pressure to do something ahhhmazing and then at the end you never really do anything great, just end up in Brooklyn trying to avoid someone's hair from dipping in your drink. But, for me, it's more what these New Year's experiences represented (symbolically, if you will).

So, here's my first goal for 2013 - I will try with all my being to NOT end up in Brooklyn another year in a row. Stay tuned for all that happens from now til then... dum dum dum! (that was supposed to be ominous-sounding music to emphasize how dramatic and suspenseful it'll be to see if I can go Brooklyn-free in 2013).