8 very important life questions

Here are just a few questions that have been keeping me awake all night. Well not the whole night, but at least a good minute or two... 1) Why was Captain von Trapp's suit jacket so ill-fitting throughout the entire movie that is The Sound of Music? I mean surely he could afford to have his suits tailored. Not exactly setting a good example for young Kurt, Captain.

2) Can Matthew McConaughay ever do a movie in which he does not have some sort of Southern accent? And why is his last name so hard to spell?

3) Why are there so many names for different types of bedding? Comforter, quilt, blanket, bedspread, throw... ok, well, 5. Still seems like one too many. And I'm still unsure about "bedspread" - can anything be a bedspread?

4) My Uncle Jack once told me that the little white lines on finger nails appear every time you tell a lie. Just wondering if that's true hahaha (nervous laughter).

5) Could it be that "Jack" is the most common name for an uncle in America? I feel like everyone has an Uncle Jack... even in my family, where a name like Sabri is far more typical (note: that's not the name of a reliable Swedish car, but actually the name of one of my uncles... Hi Uncle Sabri! Greetings from NYC!!)

6) Doesn't it seem like "Swedish" should be spelled "Sweedish"?

7) If someone smiles in a forest, do the trees smile back? Really makes you think, right?

8) Will Nicholas Sparks ever write a book where the main character does NOT fall deeply, passionately, wholeheartedly in love... with North Carolina?

Well good night from me... hope you fall asleep pondering #7!