finally! white chocolate Baci

If there's one thing Turkish people love, it's a good box of Baci. This Italian chocolate was such an ever-present part of my childhood that for many years I thought it was a Turkish sweet that everyone else in the U.S. knew nothing about. Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 2.48.29 PM

We even pronounced its name in the most Turkish of ways... "Baji" (in Turkish, the letter "c" sounds like a "j"... at least I think so. Mom, if you're reading this, is what I'm saying correct?) like it was the name of some great emperor from the Ottoman Empire. When some random Turkish uncles came to visit, the box was taken out like a gift being presented to the baby Jesus. At the end of a baptism, one young Turk would be given the job of holding a box of Baci open by the doors as guests left the church. It was everywhere (and I like to think that it was the same box being used over and over again).

Now, the magical and enchanting Perugina company (I also like to think that the Perugina company is located in a tiny, magical village where everyone in the town is somehow employed at the chocolate factory... and somehow 14% of those workers are also of Turkish heritage) has come out with white chocolate Baci! What the bleep! This is like finding out that J.Crew makes extended calf boots! Or finding out your dad might be in the CIA (hahaha extremely nervous laughter). I stumbled upon it today at my local supermarket and was just delighted:

photo 2-1*

Stay tuned for word on whether or not the white chocolate version is as delish as the original chocolate version... I've given up candy for a month, so you will have to wait until February to find out if it is (this is what we call in the writing business "getting you invested so you'll come back for more"! very, very sneaky, I know!).

*tiny asterisk explanation: the credit for this lovely Baci** photo goes to my sister and supermarket co-conspirator, Prissy. Prissy, thank you for your fine work!

**double asterisk (what what!): If you've never had a Baci, it's amazing! It's chocolate on the outside, creamy hazelnut goodness on the inside with an actual hazelnut at the center. To make it even more completely wonderful, it comes with a little wax-paper love note in the wrapper.