5 great gifty gifts

One of my fave things to do is buy people gifts. I wish I could say it was solely because I love how happy they get when they unwrap the the box to find that random thing they talked about 2 months earlier. But really it might just be because, in my heart of hearts (what does this silly phrase even mean? that there's another mini heart in your heart? this is just like my idea for the jelly bean within another jelly bean...), I just want people to tell me I'm great at picking gifts. Which brings me to today's post - 5 gifts so good that I'm secretly hoping that one of the 4 readers of this blog will purchase them for me. And then I'll be like, "oh my goodness! I love it!" and they'll be all like, "well... it was your idea... you just pick the best gifts!" And then there you go, I have achieved my heart of heart's deepest wish inside a wish.

1. Kate Spade edition of the classic Strand tote bag - $14.95, strandbooks.com

This is a great gift for about so many different reasons. 1) It's from Kate Spade! 2) Yet, it's only $15! 3) It has cool street cred because it's from the Strand! 4) It carries books... or groceries... or dental supplies... or piles and piles of fairy dust! It's up to you! 5) It's bright and bold, yet not over the top. Just the right amount of pep!

2. Little Old Lady Recipes - $10.47, amazon.com

Now, you really can't go wrong with a cook book. For one thing, anyone can really cook (exhibit a: the rat in Ratatouille. exhibit b: me, the writer of this blog). And, even if you don't want to cook, cook books are great escapist books. I often flip through this one that I just bought (and have not used yet), and I picture all the great dinner partays I'll throw and how everyone will be all like, "best trifle I've ever had!" and I'll be all like, "I guess I'm just talented!"

Added bonus... this cook book is actually adorbs! I mean, there's a little old grandma on it! As a longtime supporter of grandmas, I say you can't go wrong with this gift.

3. The Sound of Music - $12.99, itunes.apple.com

I just think this is such a fun gift! I mean who didn't love that movie? Or, you can give it to one of those people who is like, "I hate that movie! Stop trying to get me to watch it! I couldn't even get through it!" That way they can finally get through it! Because, really, don't we all need a little more Captain von Trapp in our lives?

4. Ciate Caviar Manicure set - $25, sephora.com

There's really no better gift than fun, assorted nail polishes! Essie, Deborah Lippmann and Butter London are all great - plus affordable - nail polish brands to gift. And, Sephora - being the gift destination that they are - always has tons of cool nail polish sets. This set from Ciate, a British brand, is so fun. The nail polish bottles have little black bows and the set comes with black pearl beads so you can create a show-stopping, beaded-mani look.

5. 50-piece box of Pecan Pralines - $69.99, savannahcandy.com

Trust me, this is one of the most delicious sweets mankind has ever created. Once upon a time, my family and I stumbled upon the Savannah's Candy Kitchen's shop in Savannah, and it's been a long-distance love affair ever since. These pralines are soooo good. Warning: They are extremely sweet! So proceed with caution.

Savannah's Candy Kitchen also makes caramel apples, which are amazing. Either treat would make a great gift as 1) it's from a candy kitchen in Georgia, and 2) the sweets are actually delicious.

Next up, look for my post on 5 Gifts You Never Should Give (Unless You Are Deliberately Trying to Be Mean... Which Is So Mean).

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