chin up, old friend!

Apparently today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year (I thought that was New Year's or the day after my birthday when there's no more cake):

Since it's the saddest day of the year, here are a few small ways to cheer up a little...

1) Read all those inspirational quotes on Pinterest - After a while, it starts to sink in - you are a strong, independent woman... who should get up early and exercise...

2) Share a box of fancy, chocolate-covered pretzels with your fave Turkish fam (or your own version of a crazy, yet charming Turkish fam) - They'll spend the whole time fighting over the M&M- or nut-covered pretzels, as your mom fidgets with the plastic pretzel wrapping. And then everyone will be quiet - except for the soft crinkling noise of the plastic - as they munch on pretzels. And you'll realize that, no matter what, you have the best fam in the world.

3) Go shoe shopping - Get something you wouldn't normally pick. Something that'll add some fun to your day-to-day look! (Note: Do not try clothes on if you are in a moody state - those terrible dressing room mirrors will only make you realize that, behind your back, your butt has been growing bigger and bigger... traitor!!)

4) Get a peppy pedicure - Even if it's the middle of winter and your toes haven't seen the light of day since October 2nd, pick out the boldest color you can find and get the best pedi available. You'll feel better knowing your piggies are well-manicured, well-rested and, well, happy.

5) Give yourself a Facebook break - Sometimes all those "I just got promoted and am moving to Capri!" or "I'm eating a box of glazed munchkins and not gaining weight!" posts can make you feel bummy. So ditch it for a day or two. Then make a glorious return and announce something HUGE, like "does anyone know the name of a good realtor??"