dear Pandora...

Dear Pandora, Old friend, I have a bone to pick with you. The other day, you played not 1, but 2 songs in a row. And not something good like Tay-tay Swift (who I normally don't care for, but really she's been catchy lately!).

But, Bruno Mars, Pandora? Do you not know me at all? We've been together about 2 years now. And in those 2 years, I'm pretty sure I've clicked that "thumbs down" button on Bruno Mars at least 222 times.

I don't get it. Sometimes you play a row of songs so inspired it's like you totally get me! And then other times you pull a stunt like this.

And when I clicked "thumbs down" on the first Bruno Mars song, that didn't mean I was saying "You know, Pandora, I don't like that one particular Bruno Mars song, but I LOVE all the other ones!!!"

Pandora, please you're better than that. Bruno Mars two times in a row? You crazy!

Kind regards (well, sorta unkind... sorry! It's tough love, Pandora, honest!),