salad showcase

Some people show off pictures of their children. I show off pictures of my salads. One day I hope to do both (Note: This does not mean I hope to have lettuce children one day. Oh my goodness, how scary is that?) Just take a look at these beauties. I would love to say they've been the talk of the office but I've eaten them too quickly for anyone else to really see them.

IMG_5520  IMG_5509


I must say I've been really bringing it on the salad front these days. And it's all because of a container that recently came into my life. They said it happens when you least expect it. They said when it's the one, you just know. They also said I should never ever wear olive green with my skin tone. Well "they" were right!

This container has turned my world upside down, shaking up everything I once thought about salads prepared in the morning for the social event known as the workplace lunch.


The container comes courtesy of my mom, which means I stole it from her. I'm also the person who gave it to her (for Christmas about 2 years ago. I know that makes me sound like a cheap and sad sort of daughter. But it came with lots of other cool stuff from The Container Store. And it was the perfect gift for my mom, who considers her food storage containers the American sons she never had).

I called my mom this evening to gloat about how much I loved the container and how she was never getting it back. She didn't beg for it, she just tried to tug at my heart strings by saying, "someone special gave me that."

Nice try, mom! Not gonna happen! This container will never see your fancy baklavas and roast chickens again! muhahaha