semi-homemade nails

I would one day like to be considered the Sandra Lee of nails, for taking professionally painted nails and adding a little something-something. My red nail polish (Essie's A List) started to chip a little. Knowing the end was near, I decided to bling them out for a few days until my next professional manicure. There's something comforting knowing that I can't really mess them up anymore than they already are (I wonder if this is some sort of metaphor for life?).

So I added these sparkly little somethings (inspired by a J.Crew sweater that once upon a time captured my fancy). I used Essie's Aruba Blue to paint the hearts. Then added some complementary blue-hued sparkles (Essie's Stroke of Brilliance), and top coat. Ta-dah! I totally Sandra Lee-d those nails (Note: that does not mean my nails started dating a prominent NY politician).


For my next semi-homemade manicure, I'm thinking something inspired by this lovely Ann Taylor top.