6 months til 30

Oh brother, today is my half birthday. That means I have 6 months until I turn 30. Dun dun dunnnnn In just a short time, I'll have to start wearing elegant tailored pantsuits, trade in my Longchamp bag for a briefcase and start watching The Good Wife (instead of fluff like Pretty Little Liars, a.k.a. THE BEST SHOW EVER).

But before I leave my 20's behind forever (say in a creepy, half-whisper maybe with a slight British accent) and start shopping at Talbots, there's still much to do.

Here are some goals I've set for myself until that fateful day arrives:

1) Make society a little bit happier somehow... maybe something along the lines of Oprah's Favorite Things, only I won't have to spend money on cars and appliances

2) Find out who is leaving empty white paper cups in front of my desk at work... who are you?! And what does this all mean? Are you making some sort of social commentary?

3) Incorporate a belt into my wardrobe - it's about time!

4) Do something gutsy! Like get a bob... or start wearing flared jeans (no, never! I won't do that unless it's somehow 1996 again)

5) Cook up a little dinner par-tay-tay for spring that would make Pinterest proud

6) Finally finish "Atonement"

7) Go ahead and say "yes!" when the ladies at the nail salon ask if I want to upgrade to the deluxe pedicure instead of the regular pedicure

8) Get started on that book I want to write one day (tentative title "The Wind that Calls the Curtain Home"! I know, deep!)

9) Continue with my healthy plan and try to get over my jelly bean addiction (you are a worthy foe, Jelly Belly)

10) Take a class in something unrelated to my field of work - Cooking? Zumba (obviously at an intermediate level because I'm already quite advanced)? Italian language? Macaroon making 101? Intro to tablecloths?

Let's see where I get! I am a work in progress, much like a cucumber going through the pickle process. I may not get there by 30, but hopefully by 57, at least.

Here's to a lovely 6 months!