things that trouble me

We live in a somewhat troubling era (I mean, I think flared jeans might strike a comeback - if that doesn't alarm you, I don't know what will). Here are some other things that trouble me:

1) When you're selecting your country from a drop-down menu on a website, and the United States isn't listed first... I'm just wondering how many US users of a US website are actually not from the US... or perhaps people in Russia just use our websites like crazy and get annoyed that United States is listed first (c'mon, Russia. Rocky ended the Cold War in Rocky IV! It's time for us all to move on!).

2) When you see someone with your pen and for a few scary moments you think "did he steal my pen!??!" until you look down and realize you both just happen to have the same exact pen... and also that he may be your soul mate.

3) Speaking of pens, when people say "ballpoint pen" - I'm not sure why it bothers me, but it just seems like a fancy way of saying "writing instrument," which is a fancier way of saying "pen."

4) Pillow shopping - how is one to find the perfect pillow? It seems like such a random process. And if you cant test it out for at least one night, how are you to make a decision?

5) Paper clips - really, with the dawn of the staple, you would think the paper clip would slowly fade away into oblivion. And, yet, there it is, peeking out from my desk drawer. It even has relatives - the binder clip, the butterfly clip, the bag-of-potato-chips food clip. It simply refuses to die, continuing to live on as an office supply room staple (Note: Not an actual staple but rather, you know, a staple).