apple art

The other day I was cutting an apple for my daily, slightly bland (yet Weight Watchers-approved) lunch, when I realized that I had created a masterpiece. And that I may be an apple-cutting genius. And possibly I may have to quit my current job, take up a position manning a Whole Foods Saturday sampling station and wow the masses with my art, until I move to a farm on Vermont and slowly start selling my apple slices, fall in love with the local veterinarian, turn down an offer from a big city firm to sell my company, start wearing shoulder pads and slowly turn into Diane Keaton from "Baby Boom"... Here is the inspired piece of art I created with just an apple, a simple plastic knife and a dream.


Yes. That's right... A Pac-Man apple!

PS: I apologize for the old, gross-looking apple. It sat on my desk for quite some time after lunch. I couldn't seem to eat it. I was both in awe of it and a little scared of it... kind of like how I feel about pant suits.