my roman holiday day

Today I took a roman holiday - I didn't ride around on a scooter or try gelato for the first time (pleaseeee, gelato is my confirmation name), but it was just as magical as "Roman Holiday" the movie. And exhausting. I don't know how Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn did it, especially considering he was wearing a full business suit during summer and she had on those cheap sandals that she bought off of a likely unlicensed street vendor. Much like Audrey Hepburn, I started my holiday by cleaning every tile in my bathroom (that's about 14,391 tiles, according to my estimates). I then moved on to my bedroom and dresser (I discovered my earrings had staged a strategic attack to take it down. Luckily I intervened when I did or else it would have been war for the bracelets and they've been through enough.). And finally I tackled my closets (I uncovered about 11 different pairs of black sweatpants each with a different length, degree of flared-ness and purpose - gym day, errands day, clean-the-freezer day, etc.).

After 2-3 hours of cleaning, I took to the streets. My goal was to find something floral to call my own (finally the florals that the 89-year-old in me loves are back in style!). I met up with my sister near her new workplace, sampled some goodies at the Nutbox near NYU and searched for floral arrangements (I came up with nothing, though was severely judged by a J.Crew saleslady after I took a child's bracelet out of its packaging and tried to secure it to my non-dainty wrist). "Actually," she said, as I was attempting to fasten it. "It's a child's necklace." A child's necklace that can't fit the wrist of someone just under 5 feet?! I judge you now, J.Crew lady! One day in 7 years you'll stumble upon this blog post and realize your mistake. Hah!

After leaving J.Crew seriously considering wrist-reduction surgery, I continued on my flower search. Nothing to write home about. Although I did briefly consider these very European, 1940's dance-like shoes at Zara until I realized that I'm not an extra on The Sound of Music and do not need dance-inspired 1940's shoes... yet. I moved on to Whole Foods to buy dinner ingredients, then went home, cooked up dinner and cried quietly while watching the season finale of the Bachelor (if only Turkish Bachelor existed, I would totally win that show). So, overall, the day was pretty much exactly like Roman Holiday the movie.

Here are some photo highlights of my holiday day:

Ahh spring is in the air... Mark Twain greeted me as I began my lil adventure...

photo 1-3

I spy a Turk! A short visit with my sister... (such a typical Turk posing by anything turquoise)

photo 3-2

Kristin only had about 20 minutes to spare and we didn't really know where to go. So like true Turks we flocked to the nearest nut shop and spent our limited time together chewing dried fruit...


Next... the shops! Anthropologie was like a bee's dream land - flowers were everywhere. But like those expensive Valentine's Day flowers that no one can afford, not like those cheaper options sold at a place that rhymes with Forever 21.

photo 4-1

And, the perfect way to end my holiday... with tears and salmon in its bag of marinade...

photo 5-1