food i saw and ate

I like to think of the weekends as a place that Weight Watchers can't get to (protected by an invisible shield made of mashed potatoes). Here's some of the best bits I sampled this past weekend...  (Weight Watchers if you've read this and have somehow made it through the invisible barrier, forgive me old friend. I assumed I was covered by those mysterious "weekend points.") dessert first... a visit to Taipan Bakery in Chinatown to sample their version of a Rice Krispie treat!


on to the main event... dim sum at Jing Fong!


post-dim sum drinks at Teariffic. I don't drink bubble tea like my dim sum counterparts (those "bubbles" freak me out... real bubbles are light and airy, and do not clumsily sink to the bottom of a tea-like liquid), so I order this "Grasshopper" concoction which I like to pretend is something I'd get on a Carnival cruise.


a lighter lunch at Soho Park Cafe (probably the most chicken I've ever seen on a salad in all of Manhattan)


and the perfect way to start a Sunday... fresh-from-the-oven scones with jam & bacon-flavored tea from the enchanting Harney & Sons in Soho