oh hello there, spring

Today is apparently the first day of spring, although I fear weather people across the country have been lying to us and we have somehow actually entered a 7th week of February. But still, it is the "first" day of "spring" and in honor of that I would like to share a lovely quote from one of the most magical books ever written by mankind... "The Secret Garden" (notice the fancy font and color techniques I've applied below):

“Is the spring coming?" he said. "What is it like?"... "It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine...” 

There's something so lovely about that, and just about everything in that gem of a book! I hadn't read the book until I was much older. (Possibly because I was haunted by trailers for a movie version that looked about as fun as listening to the orthodontist explain why your braces would have to stay on through both 8th and 9th grades, just long enough to make you give up tootsie rolls and corn on the cob for the remainder of high school, college and part of graduate school.)

When I finally did read the book, I was enchanted, a little transformed (just like Colin, you might say if you were wise and slightly annoying about making connections to literature) and determined to take up gardening. That would require too many trips to Home Depot and alone time with worms, so I eventually gave up on that dream.

But I still want a spring of splendid sunny days, chatty birds and "rain falling on the sunshine." Until that happens, I'm convinced the weathermen are lying and that spring will actually arrive sometime around week 17 of February.