happy Easter!!

Happy Easter! Now, technically "my Easter" isn't today. You see, I'm an Eastern Orthodox Christian. I know what you're thinking. That this means I'm some sort of heathen. But, really, as I like to explain, "it's just like what Greek people are!" (I typically assume that comparing anything to Greeks will produce a positive response, especially now what with the Greek yogurt craze). But people still end up confused because I'm of Turkish heritage and, as you may know, not many Turks are Christian. Add to that the fact that Eastern Orthodox people celebrate Easter on a different day, and people then assume I belong to some cult where Turkish and Greek people get along and spend their time eating olives and switching the dates of major religious holidays (we are currently plotting to move July 4th to April 22nd).

But, regardless, I hope everyone has a lovely day hunting for eggs, eating jelly beans and avoiding the Easter Bunny's menacing gaze. Happy Easter!!!

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 2.35.34 PM

*I feel like that sheep knows too much...