the fattest day known to all of mankind's days

As you might be able to tell I love food... and by food I mean real food like candy corn, sprinkles and those mints they put next to cash registers at diners. A few weeks ago my mom said that people reading this blog - all 3 of you - are going to think that I'm obsessed with food and might have a problem. Thankfully Weight Watchers has enough control over my life to keep me in check. But I like to escape the program every now and then (like every other Sunday, Tuesday and Friday) and have a fat day. For quite some time, me and my friend (hi reader #2!!) had been plotting to eat as many breakfast foods as is legally permissible at the Clinton Street Baking Company. The plan: blueberry pancakes, french toast, eggs, bacon and a biscuit with jam.

I am happy to report we ate just that! And the waitress didn't pass judgement, which is extremely important for a fat day to be successful.

photo 2-6

About 5 minutes into this Goliath of a feast, I began to feel like I had consumed an entire bag of baby red potatoes. Still, we journeyed on to Sugar Sweet Sunshine (also, coincidentally, my middle name) for some very homemade-like cupcakes... cue the food sweats!

See "exhibit a" below: half of a "Black & White: Just Right" and half of a "Lemon Yummy":

photo 3-4

At this point, I was contemplating buying a pair of sweatpants to make room for my new behind (I don't think the word "behind" is used enough by people not born before 1933). But before I could do that, we moved on to ice cream. Now, it's my belief that ice cream is okay to eat as part of one's normal, non-Weight Watchers diet. According to my expert reading of the food pyramid, sweets are on the top because of their importance to the human mind and behind (hehee).

And that is why I decided to finish the fat day at Emack & Bolio's with Salted Caramel ice cream in a gooey Rice Krispie treat cone... the complete opposite of everything that Weight Watchers holds pure and holy. photo 4-3

Note: I am writing this post from my couch where I am on food coma bed rest for the next 32 minutes.