ahhh! an alarming window display

The other day I passed by the most alarming window display in all of New York, possibly New Jersey too. I was just innocently strolling along on Church street when it happened. Here it is... prepare yourself, don't be startled like I was!


Reader, you may be too shocked to even fully understand what this is. It's taken me about 8 days to come to terms with what I saw that night. Basically, it's a sleeping cardboard man. Why Sleepy's would put a cardboard man reclining so realistically like that, I have no idea.

I mean it just doesn't say "buy this mattress! it's been a hard year. you need this!" to me. It just says "oh hello there. look at me as I lounge." He just seems so comfortable at that hour of night, with his arm casually holding up his head. Have some decency, man!