the house of my dreams...

Ever since I can remember (so circa 1996), I have wanted to buy this old house I used to pass by all the time in Rockland County, where I grew up (Rockland!! what-what!). This weekend I returned to the Rock to visit my parents and we saw a "for sale" sign. I was thrilled! After church today, my mom and I decided to pass by the house again and saw signs for an estate sale. This was it. My chance to take a peek inside my dream home. The house is a bit old and decrepit looking BUT it is also beautiful at the same time (there's some sorta life metaphor here I'm sure). It's very historical and according to my non-expert, civilian estimates, it dates back to 1777 (the year after the Declaration of Independence, when I like to think the housing market started to boom again on account of Washington being such a stud and people needing a place to rest before they went out to fight). So you can just imagine what I thought it would look like inside. I thought I was going to walk in and see James and Dolly Madison sharing a carton of Dolly Madison mint chocolate chip ice cream in an elegant living room and laughing at the silliness of it all (I mean, ice cream named after James Madison's lady love? Simply enchanting!).

We started our tour of the house in the basement and came across these treasures... An old scissor (wouldn't you think scissor would be spelled "sizzor"?), a very modern baby carriage, charming baby dolls and - best of all - a bottle of some fine wine next to a head-less figurine. Captivating!

IMG_6364 IMG_6368 IMG_6370 IMG_6373

Next, we made our way upstairs where we were greeted by a variety of wallpaper, which kind of made me want to wallpaper everything in my apartment, even my bathroom floor.

IMG_6403 IMG_6402 IMG_6412 IMG_6410

We also came across this shoe, just hanging out by a heater...


Plus an adorable cat pin... oh, Dolly! Is there anything you can't pull off?


And some cool accessories... check out the light switch from the maid's quarters...

IMG_6385 IMG_6411

The house was obviously kind of a hot mess because of the estate sale, but the oddest sight was the master bathroom with a shower, tub and middle-of-the-floor jacuzzi all in close quarters. Oh and the elephant head just hanging around (I'm not sure where it originally hung... hopefully not above the toilet).

IMG_6397 IMG_6396

Still, with a little love, hard work and a small sum of $500,000, this house could be a stud just like Washington! Unfortunately for me, it already sold... which is probably good. Because really where would I put the elephant head? And then things would just fall apart from there.