a Canadian ashtray

I'm at home with my parents this week (as I am currently retired for a week until my new job starts) and I came across this little charmer in my bathroom... photo-39

What in the world is a Canadian ashtray* doing in our house? It's been there since I can remember, though not always in its preferred resting place of my bathroom. But I've never stopped to think why it's there and where it came from (although I'm thinking Canada... could be New Jersey though, I'm not sure yet).

I have all kinds of questions. First, how has this lovely, metal wonder not rusted yet? Just how powerful is this Canadian ashtray?

Second, nobody smokes in our house. Is it possibly being used as some sort of fancy, condensation-preventing cup holder instead?

I would ask my parents but they're both sound asleep right now. Although I'm sure that's just a cover for something far more sinister. Oh sureeee they go to bed at 10 p.m. sharp. I don't believe it for a second! They probably sneak out around 2 a.m., grab the ashtray from my bathroom, use it as a cup holder for some room temperature water (my dad recently decided he doesn't like cold water) and then watch "Saved by the Bell" until "Hanging with Mr. Cooper" comes on at 5 a.m. I bet it's not even good "Saved by the Bell," just those episodes where Zach and the gang worked at that fancy summer club with Stacey Carosi. Oh, who am I kidding?! I loved those episodes!

I'm on to you "parents"... I'll find out what's behind this lovely, breathtaking Canadian masterpiece of an ashtray!

*Side note: I love how straightforward the word "ashtray" is. It's exactly what it says it is... a tray of ashes. If only human names were that simple!