the best signage in the world... or at least below 14th street

I came across this elegant signage today and I have to say it is pretty good copy. And those shiny plastic binder sleeves really add a touch of refinement. photo-42

Who are these "plant experts" posting these signs? I like to think of them as a rogue group of florists out to protect all the plants in the city. And I'm assuming they know what they're doing because they could afford binder sleeves, which is really kind of a small luxury if you think about it. I mean, no one really needs a binder sleeve. It's not like it's really protecting the sacred page completely. Liquid and perspiration and - yes! - spit can still get to it through the opening at the top of the sleeve.

But I gotta hand it to those florists. They sure know how to write attention-grabbing copy. That third sign really does make me reconsider spitting in a garden. Although, if we the people don't spit in public gardens, we will just spit freely on the street. Then, puddles would collect in the streets and eventually seep into the gardens.

It's also alarming that spitting is a top 3 threat to plant life. I would've thought that it would somehow nourish the plants. Surely the city's wild animals pose more of a threat? Maybe the copy should speak more to pigeons. And by that I mean, diss pigeons. Like "Pigeon, your breath smells like the cage of a hamster! You will never be accepted here! Leave, beast of the sidewalk. Now!"

PS: I love how flowers just seem to bloom overnight in the city! Last week, everything was all charcoal and sidewalk-colored. And this week, it's like a scene from the "Sound of Music" (is there anything that movie doesn't apply to?). It just makes me want to dance around outside and make clothing from curtains!