what I found on the street...

The streets of New York City are home to elegant skyscrapers, delish food, trendy stores... and possibly the largest collection of balled-up tissues in all of the 13 original colonies. No matter where you walk in this great city, you're likely to find something interesting (read: slightly odd) - like a baby's shoe, mound of mashed potatoes and woman's decorative scarf all hanging out together on one block. The bits found on the streets are only to be rivaled by things found on the subway tracks (I once saw an empty can of tomato paste on the 4, 5 train track... it could have been a mirage though as spending too much time waiting for your subway can cause you to see things like tomato paste cans).

Here's a sampling of what I found the other night in Chelsea...

Ahh the classic used tissue, making NYC feel like home ever since the invention of the runny nose:

photo 5-4

A pen - another staple of the streets:

photo 3-5

The promise of great eyebrows... a worthy cause!

photo 4-4

A game of 52-card pickup gone horribly wrong!*

photo 1-6

Oh what's this? My old pal Don, another classic find from the streets. Here he is walking by the Chelsea Foot Care Center (or just exiting it? hmmmm)...

photo 2-7

*This was Don's idea! It could also be a game of the popular Turkish card game "51," the dark-eyebrowed cousin of 52-card pickup.