gold-covered roses: the secret to love

I received this fortune cookie message on Saturday night and I'm sorta confused... photo 3-6

How in the world would I be able to cover roses in gold? Especially 12 of them - that's a lot of Turkish lira. And the process of covering the flowers is melted gold also seems problematic. It seems like it might be a lost jeweler's art.

My sister got this fortune and it makes a lot more sense... I'm assuming they mean a "surprise birthday party club" which would explain the "you might be surprised" part.

photo 2-8

Then there's this gem... this makes me nervous. I thought I was working for my boss? The lesson from this is to trust no one. Especially your "boss."


This metaphor is the clearest of them all though. Although, again, can they confirm that? Without the testimony of the birds I'm not sure it's valid.

photo 4-5

I've always dreamed of getting a fortune that said something like "you will have a great day tomorrow, and always." Or "you will meet your husband in about 32 seconds. 31, 30, 29..."

Instead I'll have to send roses dripping in gold I guess!