an interesting development...

Finally the Starbucks downtown on Broad Street got my name right, but now that I'm working in midtown my Starbucks allegiances have changed. And I have to say, midtown Starbucks sure does know how to put a name on a cup! Just take a look at this new twist on the name Diana: photo(6)

Danny... ingenious! It really makes you think. Is that short for Daniella? Or Dandelion? More importantly, just how out of control have my eyebrows gotten that I now resemble a Daniel?

I am on a mission to find out tomorrow. I will return to this midtown Starbucks, state my name clearly for the record, and see what the scribbled Sharpie name reveals!

PS: Daniel sure has good taste in nail polish though... check out that "Bahama Mama" on that chubby thumb! An all-time Essie classic!