life is like a bowl full of blueberries... with spider eggs

Happy July 4th! Not only is it this great nation's bday, but something else happened today (some might say as important as the birth of America... but probably not many). Here it goes... I can now eat blueberries again!! Victory! photo

The story about why I can't eat blueberries is deep, dark and dramatic. Prepare yourself for my terrible tale. Here it goes. A few months ago, I opened up my container of blueberries and found 1) a dead spider and 2) a cluster of yellow spider eggs in one corner of a single large blueberry. Since then, I've been so freaked out that I haven't been able to go near those beautiful berries. Once in a while, one small offender or two creeped into my fruit salad and I was able to tolerate it. But it's been ages since I've been able to eat them by the handful like a cavewoman. Until today!

That got me thinking. Life really is like a big old bowl of blueberries with spider eggs. Sometimes things are delicious. Other times tart. And, every so often, infested by spider eggs.

I think our founding fathers would agree!