a juice box stands in the corner

I came across this the other evening... I'd just like to remark on how prim and proper it is, hiding in that corner. photo 2-12

I think an important trash lesson can be gleaned from this work of simplistic, inconspicuous garbage beauty. Namely, if you're gonna leave a little something-something behind in a public place, at least be civilized about it. And, if possible, have it blend in with its surroundings. It should fit into the landscape like a missing LEGO piece.

Just look at the way that little box mirrors the geometric facade of the building it so elegantly leans against... genius!

PS: I realize I often write about "leftovers" found on the streets of NYC (see exhibit a...and exhibit b). It's not because I'm obsessed, honest. I just think NYC just does garbage like no other city! It's so much a part of the background. From that moldy meat smell to the lumpy piles overtaking the sidewalks, garbage is as NYC as hot dog vendors, yellow cabs and pay phones missing the receiver.