oh man, I'm 30!

Six months ago, I made a list of 10 goals to accomplish before 30. It is now B-day (read as D-Day)... So, let's see how I did. Did I accomplish all my goals? Or am I an utter failure? Haha (very nervous laughter)

1) Make society a little bit happier somehow...

Hmm... I would like to think that, yes, I did accomplish this goal. Every time I do something clumsy in public or at work - like fall on the street or bump into a garbage bin - I think that brings some people a little happiness. Maybe a giggle or smirk, which ain't half bad!

2) Find out who is leaving empty white paper cups in front of my desk at work...

Oh how naive I was just six months ago! Little did I know that three months after that post, I would quit that job and start two new jobs... and still get no answers regarding the mysterious paper cup thief. Well, not so much a thief as the opposite of a thief. Like a "leaver." Or a "lief," if you will.

3) Incorporate a belt in my wardrobe

Okay, now I did not do this one BUT I have incorporated a bunch of things that could be considered belt-like. Some nice necklaces. Dresses. Pencil skirts! Little pointy flats with studs. Oh and - miraculously - hoop earrings (I'd been trying to pull them off for the longest time... and then it just happened! When you know you know!).

4) Do something gutsy! Like get a bob...

As I mentioned above, I have had three different jobs this year. So that's something. I didn't get a bob, but I did cut my hair a few inches. Oh and I discovered that I actually like grilled vegetables. Weird, right?! I know, I'm so bold!

5) Cook up a little dinner par-tay-tay for spring that would make Pinterest proud

Okay, this one I sort of accomplished, depending on your definition of "dinner par-tay-tay."  If you mean a sad lunch of peanut butter sandwiches, accompanied by a group of tough street pigeons. Then, yes! By all means, I have done this successfully!

I did also start an outside-of-work book club - no pigeons, allowed. The second meeting featured a colorful summer salad that no one ate (although quite a few people remarked on its beauty). Anddddd I put some chips in bowls. Pinterest wouldn't be very proud... but they also wouldn't want me to feel bad about myself and would encourage me to pin quotes that remind me I am a strong, independent woman with a dream and a purpose and a not-yet-unleashed potential to turn plain paper napkins into works of art!

6) Finally finish "Atonement"

Oh brother. This never happened. I didn't even remember this one... oh, old age, you are a cruel mother!

I did however finish a number of other books not related at all to "Attonement"... please forgive - or should I say, atone? - me!

7) Go ahead and say "yes!" when the ladies at the nail salon ask if I want to upgrade to the deluxe pedicure instead of the regular pedicure

Uhh, this is getting embarrassing... To be fair, the deluxe pedicure is very pricey. At least $10 more, which doesn't sound like much. But, that's like 2 subway sandwiches (my sister Kristin makes all purchasing decisions based on Subway sandwich currency)! Which would you choose? Lunch for days (well, 2) or an extra little bit of years-old lotion on your ankles at the nail salon?

8) Get started on that book I want to write one day....

Oh, no. Again, no progress. HOWEVER, I have taken career steps that will get me closer to writing that book one day. For example, I realized that I like writing notes and story outlines on the unused side of already-used printer paper. So in many ways, I passed this goal with flying colors. In other ways... not really.

9) Continue with my healthy plan and try to get over my jelly bean addiction

I have been eating healthier this year, yes, but I am no more over jelly beans than I am over that time I dropped a crucible in 10th grade chemistry and my teacher slow-clapped sarcastically (Why?! it was just a small porcelain bowl!).

10) Take a class in something unrelated to my field of work

Now, I took a writing class. But, unfortunately, that is related to my field of work. Unless, of course, you count my field of work as "awkward Turkish observer" and, in that case, I achieved #10! Wooo!!

So there you have it. I have accomplished almost none of my goals. What does this mean? Should I set lower standards?

Or perhaps all it means is that six months just isn't enough time to make friends who aren't pigeons, make a social media website proud, master belts and complete a book with a fancy title like "Atonement"...

PS: Happy birthday to my cousin, Paul, who also celebrates the anniversary of his birth today! Paul has just turned 21... when he is 30, I will be 39... and probably will still have trouble spelling atonement (it just begs for another "t" at the beginning!).