6 photos living in my phone

I wasn't sure what to write about today. After all I am now 30 and my life has gotten 73% less exciting! For example, last week, I ate Subway instead of $1 pizza on the one day a week I allow myself to buy lunch. So I think you can see how drastically my life has changed. So I took a look through the photos on my phone for some inspiration. As you can tell, I love to take pictures of the very random or interesting things I spot on the streets of NYC and beyond. Here's what I was able to dig up:

1) The saddest umbrella that ever existed... he came into my life circa 2012 at a Duane Reade in the East Village. I would go into more details about our stormy relationship (hehee), but this little fellar really deserves his own post. Stay tuned!photo 4

2) I came across this new place in the Financial District. It didn't look like it was open yet. But one thing is for sure... that has to be the most Turkish name of a sandwich place ever! It sounds like the name of a new buddy comedy on CBS... He's a Turkish sandwich maker with a passion for sesame seeds. Smith is a regular Joe who teaches Simit how to make it in America. Then they fall in love with two flight attendants who live across the hall...photo 1(1)

3) I'm almost embarrassed to show this photo... but it is probably the only time you'll see my nails not painted. Shocking!! Just look at the guy in the corner on the right totally judging me and my neutral-as-Switzerland nails.

photo 3

4) I love finding things like this... just an abandoned chair waiting out its days on the street, sneakily blending into its surroundings so you don't know if it's an elegant barber chair or an angry maroon animal about to attack!

photo 2

5) A peculiar building! I've lived downtown for over a year now and this is the first time I've noticed this building. It even has a name - that's how you know it was raised right - the Corbin Building. It's so fancy and charming... and I love how that street lamp on the left totally photo bombed its picture:photo 3(1)

6) And finally... yes, the Subway sandwich I mentioned earlier. Veggie Delite*, no cheese. I upgraded to the meal with diet Lemonade and light chips because that's just how 30-year-olds roll, all concerned about being hydrated and calorie-conscious!

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 6.59.30 PM

*You gotta wonder why Subway decided to spell "Delight" as "Delite." Does it make the sandwich a bit more sophisticated? More refined? Or perhaps that spelling makes you think it's slightly deceptive... as in deceptively good for just vegetables with dressing? What does it mean, you marketing geniuses at Subway?!