the scariest manicure ever

I saw this in Sephora and I think you can understand why I was alarmed. A manicure that never sleeps???! You have got to be kidding me! photo 2(1)

One, I had no idea manicures slept or were capable of waking up. That freaks me out! When I'm sleeping at night, are they? When I'm typing at my desk and feeling drowsy at 2 p.m. are they wide awake? Do they nap?

Secondly, how can this polish NEVER sleep? Now that I know my manis - and I'm assuming pedicures, which is even scarier - need sleep, I'm even more concerned about one that refuses to sleep. Like it's at a 24/7 rave.

Speaking of raves... corrupted neon? What in the world?! This nail polish isn't just good old neon, it's damaged goods. Good nails gone bad, a la Rihanna. What have they done that's so wrong? Is it anything that a little time in juvie can fix? If anyone can get them to clean up surely it's those nice polishes over in the Christian Dior section?

My advice to this new polish - get some sleep. In ten years when you're 6 months old (the human equivalent of 40) you'll be clump-free and thankful you listened. And, find a good clear polish to steer you on the right path. There's nothing so corrupt that a quick layer of top coat can't handle.