a sweet farewell to summer

Say bye-bye to your Panama hats, your Bermuda shorts and your Island of Capri sandals, and get ready for grandpa cardigans and fleece-lined sweatsuits. Because the streets of New York City have news for you - your summer fun is over. "Why?" you say. "Dear God, why?!" Just take a look at this convincing evidence that I came across this past week. Even the ice creams and popsicles of this great city know the end is near...

photo 1

photo 2

It's sad, I know. But we must face the truth. From here, things will only get colder. Your hands will only get drier until you are forced to buy out all the heavy duty Eucerin that Duane Reade sells. And your wool socks will only get more prison-like (it is my opinion that socks, like Robitussin, are a form of punishment that should be illegal in all 50 states).

To properly bid adieu to the ice creams of summer, I've put together this lovely little collage (much like a mother might release an exclusive Columbus Day photo album of her baby). This is how we should remember the ice cream of summer... bright, sprinkled cones with such a sweet future ahead of them. Not those sad, sticky puddles running through the already sad sidewalk streets.


1. Peanut Butter Cookies & Cream - from Springer's Homemade Ice Cream in Stone Harbor, NJ

2. Chocolate with chocolate sprinkles - from a Mister Softee truck on Fifth Ave, behind Union Square (exact location unknown... that Mister Softee is one man who's hard to track down!)

3. Cheesecake and Marscarpone Caramalized Fig gelato - from Gelato Ti Amo on John Street

4. Pistachio with rainbow sprinkles - from Ronnybrook Milk Bar at the Chelsea Market

5. Panna Cota and Bacio gelato - from Gelato Ti Amo once again!

6. Peanut Butter Fudge Fancy, Please* - from the Carvel on Main Street in good ole Rockland County (*I couldn't remember the exact name, but I'd like to think it was something charming with good manners)