the glorious foods of fall

We made it to the 13th of October, which means fall is here to stay! I couldn't be happier. For one thing, the subways no longer smell like onions and fear. Unsightly big toes can now be covered safely behind bright white sneaks. And then there's the food! Just like BBQ's belong to summer and slightly snobby salads to spring, fall also has its own gang of food. It's quite the gang! Seriously, if all the seasonal food gangs met on a street corner and got into a scuffle, fall would totally give those spring salads allergies and make winter's sugar cookies cry out little fondant tears (trust me, those are fighting words in the worlds of weather and food).

Here's a look into fall's most glorious eats...

1. Candy Corn - Ahhh, yes. You know it's gonna be a good day when Duane Reade puts out its fresh bags of candy corn. No more of that $1.99 stale candy corn that they sell by the pumpkin seeds and gum drops (who buys gum drops if they're not building a gingerbread house?). Bring on the candy corn pumpkins and even that slightly gross chocolate candy corn that grows on you once your regular candy corn supply is depleted.

photo 4-2

2. Mallomars - Fall also goes by the name "autumn" but really its nickname should be "malomn." I mean is there anything more fall than Mallomars? Over the summer you've forgotten all about these gooey treats. And then there they are again. A giant yellow wall of them at the supermarket. Your feelings come rushing back. You realize that your infatuation with s'mores over the summer was just a fling. The only drawback - Mallomars are not a cheap date. In NYC they can cost as much as $6!

photo 4-1

3. Soup-filled things - Fall brings out the soup world's best and brightest. When it's chilly outside and you're contemplating wearing two cardigans at once, you know that it's finally soup dumpling season. A trip to Joe's Shanghai in Chinatown is a must. These little wonders are so good that they almost make you look forward to winter's puffy  blanket coats and sad, dry hands.

photo 2-3

Then there's udon and ramen. Add a side of pork buns and you are just about ready to hibernate!

photo 2-4

photo 1-3

4. Baklava - In our family, nothing says the holidays are coming like baklava. The first tray of baklava is equivalent to the groundhog emerging and not seeing his shadow - you know good times are coming. I thought I'd tried every kind of baklava known to Turkish man. But just recently I tried a new one - chocolate-dipped! So simple. So genius!

photo 3-2

5. Pies - Growing up, my fam didn't eat much pie. One Thanksgiving, my cousin came to dinner with an apple pie and he spent the rest of the night being silently judged by twenty pairs of Turkish coffee-colored eyes. We don't do well with fruit-infused desserts. As my mom always says, "Why eat fruits in a dessert when you can eat fruits on their own?" She has a point. It's not like you can really eat flour or butter on its own. You could. But more than forty Turkish eyes would judge you.

Chocolate-based pies are another story. Turks definitely approve of that. Just the other day I tried Momofuku Milk Bar's Candy Bar pie. Aside from being a tad too salty, it was built just like a candy bar - chewy, rich and oh-so-delicious!

photo 3-3

What about you? What are your fall food favorites?