10 random resolutions!

The other day I found something shocking. My old diary. That little blue book has been with me since I was high school senior in the year 2000. The last entry was from way back in the year 2009.

As I flipped through the years of adolescence and young womanhood (hehee), I couldn't help but giggle at the entries. First, I was such a young fool! In my first post from December 2000, my biggest concern was getting into college. Oh how naive I was! I wish I could go into that high school cafeteria, sit across from my 17-year-old self and tell her that the B+ I got in physics wouldn't really matter in the long end. And also that she should probably quit diet soda before her addiction spun out of control.

The diary is only halfway filled because I didn't write regularly. But I did manage to write on important occasions, like my birthday or New Year's. And I noticed something. My New Year's resolutions have basically been the same since I was just a young Turkish high schooler with a single eyebrow that just wouldn't quit. 1) To lose weight. 2) To grow in my faith. 3) To exercise. 4) To wear my retainer…okay, I've given up on that one now that my retainer no longer fits. But, for the most part, my resolutions have not changed!

So this year, I'm going to turn the tables! Pick resolutions that the Diana from 2000 to 2013 wouldn't even consider. Show my little blue diary that I'm so much more than Weight Watchers-approved resolutions. Here it goes. My revolutionary - dare I say, risky?! - resolutions for 2014 are...

1) Take a selfie. Why not?

2) Talk to a random on the subway. Again, why not? Well, I can think of a lot of reasons. But I shall seize the day! And be one of those people who chats on a crowded, it-smells-like-onions-up-in-here subway car.

3) Do something very spontaneous - like book a trip only a week in advance, instead of 4 months ahead of time!

4) Now I don't drink. But this year I will try a fancy alcoholic drink and see what happens! (Will I end up on the subway talking to randoms and taking selfless? We shall see!)

5) Get a french manicure. Never had one. Always wanted one since one of my friends in 5th grade got one for her brother's Bar Mitzvah.

6) Learn how to cook something very French in hopes of becoming the Turkish Jacques Pépin!

7) Leave a balloon at a co-worker's desk for no particular reason!

8) Spend a whole day writing at Starbucks like those people I always see there, typing away on their laptops and fighting over the tables near the power outlets.

9) Wear a wristwatch and, as with #4, see what happens!

10) Read the Business section of the NY Times regularly for an entire month.

There you go - 10 random resolutions! I will report back throughout the year…stay tuned!