Here's what people have said about my work and working with me: 

"I love the topics of your blog, Diana, and visit it frequently. Topics so deep and true, and yet so casually presented....one just cannot stop reading!" --Maggie, Guideposts.org blog reader 

"You are actually one of my favorite blog writers and I love reading your blogs about your days whether writing about your work days, or time spent with your sisters or friends. Always seems like a personal letter to your readers." --Gail, Guideposts.org blog reader 

"I worked with Diana for two years at Diapers.com. I was always impressed by her creativity and ability for solving difficult copy problems -- when everyone else is at a loss for words, she'll swoop in and come back with a solve. She's also just a gem to have on any team. She's consistently cheerful, hard-working, detail-oriented, and very organized. When I left Diapers.com to launch Bundle Organics and needed some copywriting help, she was the first person I thought of. She's helped develop the voice and tonality for the brand as well as our website copy, sales sheets, pamphlets for OB/GYN offices, and more. I would whole-heartedly recommend Diana as a freelance copywriter or for any organization." --Kwany Lui, Co-Founder of Bundle Organics

"I was fortunate to work with Diana for two years in the Editorial dept. at Quidsi. She’s one of those people who make coming to work everyday enjoyable. In addition to being an accomplished creative writer, she’s a team player who is willing to jump in wherever she’s needed. Diana is also a whip-smart collaborator who brings a fresh perspective to marketing projects and brainstorming sessions. In the spring of 2012, Diana received a ‘Q’ Award for being the kindest person at Quidsi. Despite the company’s large size, Diana stands out in all the best ways. I’d be thrilled to work with Diana again and I’d highly recommend her." --Monica Bossinger, Editorialist

"Diana Aydin is an amazing CRM copywriter! I call her 'the master of the written word'! It was always fun working with her! Work never feels like work when working with her… as she waves her wand of literary magic for subject lines -to emails and promotional messaging for Earth Day… with ideas such as 'its yummy being green' or 'Green is the new cute' or even her attention to detail for operational emails… and the list goes on. As a creative thinker Diana is able to think outside of the box! While at Toys"R"Us we've worked on promotional messaging and have brainstormed together for email campaigns for FAO Schwarz, eToys and Baby Universe. She's very meticulous in her proofing and committed to her craft and career track! With her cheerful, honest, personable demeanor and strong work ethic she would be an integral part of any business organization! She’s simply 'Awesome Aydin'." --Carla Thomas, Senior Digital Project Manager